23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (2023)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Old Orchard Beach, Maine?

Old Orchard Beach is a tourist-friendly destination located on the Atlantic Ocean in York County, Maine, United States.

Popularly known as OOB, Old Orchard Beach, which is revered as one of the State’s top beach resort towns and a Census-Designated Place (CDP), had a population of 8,960 according to the 2020 census.

The town was founded in 1863 and has grown into an amazing town that attracts visitors from all over the world looking for a lovely seaside adventure.

Old Orchard Beach features fantastic attractions like Old Orchard Beach Pier, Tami Lynn’s Restaurant, Palace Playland, Ne’re Beach Family Campground, Dunegrass Golf Club, Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church, and many more.

If you’re planning on making Old Orchard Beach your next vacation destination? Here are the top things to do in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach

1. Old Orchard Beach

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (1)

Old Orchard Beach has been continuously voted as the Best Beach in Maine by the readers of the most popular newspaper in the State.

This beautiful Beach stretches for seven miles, a spot where you and your family can run around and have fun, offering visitors an exceptional beach experience.

The Beach offers children opportunities to create sand castles, among other fun activities.

Old Orchard Beach is also open for surfing due to the gentle waves of the waters. Adults can relax and enjoy the views of the Beach while kids play.

Not too far from the Old Orchard Beach pier, there is a setting that offers access to food, drinks, and games, including other beach activities.

Address: Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

2. Palace Playland

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (2)

Palace Playland is another attraction, where the whole family can explore several fun rides for an amazing experience.

Palace Playland is a must-visit destination for everyone, both old and young, and it is known as one of the most popular places in the town.

You can choose a scenic ride or carnival games; whichever you pick, you will have a fabulous time.

Palace Playland is open to everyone from May to September, although the closing and opening times may differ.

The park has outstanding rides, such as an Electra wheel, Drop Zone, a sea Viper, a roller coaster, and more.

You and your crew can also visit the arcade room, which features exciting arcade games through which you all can start up a friendly competition.

Address: 1 Old Orchard St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

3. Old Orchard Beach Pier

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (3)

One of the best things to do in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, is a visit to Old Orchard Beach Pier.

Old Orchard Beach Pier was founded in July 1898 as a reliable venue for various entertainment shows.

Some of the entertainment projects presented include concerts, casinos, dancing, and lectures; make sure you don’t miss out.

After many years, the central pier was destroyed by storms before it was later reopened in 1980 with an extension of seven hundred feet across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Old Orchard Beach Pier, which has become a center for numerous shops and restaurants, is owned by the Golzbein family.

The pier has become a trustworthy center offering many families incredible entertainment and delicious traditional food.

Address: 2 Old Orchard St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

4. Tami Lynn’s Restaurant

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (4)

Tami Lynn’s Restaurant was founded in August 2012 as the first restaurant in Old Orchard Beach.

Tami Lynn’s Restaurant, a locally owned and operated restaurant, is a popular location for several locals and visitors.

The restaurant is dedicated to offering patrons a welcoming and lively atmosphere with comfortable chairs and tables in a beautifully decorated place.

Tami Lynn’s Restaurant offers an impressive food menu featuring a wide range of delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Tami Lynn’s Restaurant offers meals like Sausage Biscuits and Gravy, lobster roll, French fries, Eggs and Toast, Egg White Omelet with Spinach, Ham and Cheese Omelet, Fish & Chips, and more.

The diner is open from 7 am to 7 pm every week. The restaurant’s staff is friendly and cheerful when attending to visitors.

Address: 126 W Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

5. Café 64

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (5)

Every tourist-friendly town ought to have a great breakfast spot. Café 64 is a fantastic place to enjoy a delicious breakfast in town.

Café 64 doesn’t just offer delicious breakfast but also ensures that their meals are healthy and fresh for consumption with distinct tastes and flavors.

The cafeteria also offers lunch meals made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients in preparation.

Café 64 is said to serve the best coffee in the region in different ways, whether hot or iced, depending on your preferences.

Make sure you don’t leave without trying out their delicious hot cinnamon bread, served with a flavorful cup of coffee.

They serve meals like Brigus Breakfast Burrito, Huevos Rancheros, Ocean Park Cinnamon Bun, Big Kahuna, Green Salad, Chicken Caesar, Turkey Bacon Guacamole, and more.

Choose from their beverage list, which includes Double Shot, Latte, Cappuccino, Cortado, Cafe Macchiato, Americano, Mocha Latte, White Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Chai Tea, and Cold Brew.

Address: 35 Old Orchard St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

6. Seaside Pavilion

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (6)

Seaside Pavilion can be found within dunes in the famous town center of the seaside directly overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

The pavilion was designed by Eric Watson, a skilled architect featuring a simple but classic space where guests can enjoy the sea’s incredible beauty.

Here, you also get to enjoy the live performances of the talented local artists of the town, and they offer you nothing short of motivating, entertaining, and mind-blowing.

Seaside Pavilion is open to everyone irrespective of age since the performances are perfect for all audiences.

The peace and calmness of this place are considered food to the soul as you get to listen to the rhythmic sounds of the waters.

Address: 8 6th St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

7. Pirates Patio and Galley

When planning a day out with friends, visiting Pirates Patio and Galley is one of the fun things to do in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

A very unusual dining location, Pirates Patio, and Galley is a business with a mesmerizing tale behind its origin.

The Pirates Patio and Galley is a gathering place where you can enjoy fantastic food and spirits with friends.

You also get to watch every one of your favorite sports on any of the many televisions in the restaurant, or you might also decide to chill on the outdoor patio.

This destination is a cool spot with a lively and energetic ambiance for you and your pals to hang out and interact with locals.

Address: 2 Walnut St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

8. Maine Country Woods

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (7)

Maine Country Woods is the number place in Old Orchard Beach that offers a gorgeous collection of decor and gifts.

The store offers you great sales, and your purchases will be mentioned for a grand prize chart as you receive a little gift for each purchase.

They offer you the most authentic gifts and decor, including delicious complimentary refreshments provided to every customer.

Maine Country Woods is a spot for home decor unique to New England. The decor includes furniture, primitive, beach & cottage gifts, and more.

The staff is amicable and receptive, and they are always willing to offer assistance to every customer.

Address: 39 Old Orchard St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

9. The Tiki Hut OOB

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (8)

Add a stop at the Tiki Hut OOB with your family and friends to your bucket list.

The Tiki Hut OOB is the latest outdoor beachfront bar founded in 2021 to create a place for people to unwind.

The beautifully decorated interior of Tiki Hut OOB will bring back many unforgettable memories and enable you to enjoy the environment’s liveliness.

The tavern was built on the same land on which Krazy Klam, a one-time popular spot, was located, also featuring cozy outdoor seating.

Tiki Hut OOB welcomes you with the genuine island aura offering a unique selection of excellent food items with a touch of Caribbean.

They offer a wide variety of drinks through an extensive drink menu featuring mojitos, frozen daiquiris, and more.

Address: 1 E Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

10. Dunegrass Golf Club

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (9)

Are you an aspiring golf player or just a fan of the game? If yes, visiting Dunegrass Golf Club is one of the best things to do in Old Orchard Beach.

Dunegrass Golf Club, which stretches for precisely three hundred acres of land space, was designed by Dan Maples, a world-famous golf course architect.

Why not visit this golf course with your family and friends? It is always better to play golf with loved ones, especially on a golf course as remarkable as this.

The Club is also a Professional Public New England golf course in the State that is great for beginners.

Dunegrass Golf Club accurately describes how beautiful and remarkable nature is, featuring scenic rolling greens.

The destination has a classic clubhouse that offers an extensive collection of delicious meals, including simple dishes, catering, and bar services for any events such as weddings, corporate events, and more.

Address: 200 Wild Dunes Way, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

11. The Brunswick

The Brunswick is a great place to spend time relaxing and calm down while you enjoy delicious meals and drinks.

They are open seven days of the week, throughout the year, from 11 am. This restaurant is the best spot for everything you desire, from food and drinks to entertainment.

The restaurant offers delicious lunch and dinner and features an indoor and outdoor patio where you can comfortably sit and watch live shows.

The Brunswick also features a lounge area with a large flat-screen TV and excellent sound system to get all the live sports and updates.

What could be better than dining in a beautiful environment while enjoying fine drinks and live entertainment?

Address: 39 W Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

12. Ocean Park Temple

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (10)

For the history enthusiasts, do well to add a visit to Ocean Park Temple to your list of places to visit in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

The Temple is on the Temple Square of Old Orchard Beach, known as the Geographic Center of Ocean Park.

The Temple is a venue for a collection of activities and events.

All the buildings in the area have existed since the late 19th century and early 20th century with little or no changes.

The Ocean Park Temple was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, April and it is an actively used religious building in a unique octagonal shape.

Address: 50 Temple Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

13. The Shack

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (11)

The Shack is one of the several restaurants in Old Orchard Beach that offers you a taste of fresh and properly prepared seafood.

Old Orchard Beach, a seafood location in Maine, is a town you can’t leave without enjoying some of their delicious seafood.

The restaurant has earned recognition as the most exceptional and spectacular seafood restaurant in the community.

The Shack offers a menu featuring carefully crafted meals that assure you nothing but satisfaction when you dine.

The restaurant serves patrons a wide array of seafood options, which are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The restaurant’s interior offers a relaxed and soothing ambiance with a nice seating area that complements everything.

Address: 27 W Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

14. Pier French Fries

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (12)

French Fries became quite popular in Old Orchard Beach in 1932 when it was officially introduced into the town.

Up until date, the fries are still popular. The fries have been improved & modified into one of the most delicious fries in the region.

Pier French Fries has been in business for over 37 years as a family-owned and operated business in the town.

The company was located in the downtown square for several years before being relocated to the renowned Whitehall due to repeated tragedies that destroyed the structure.

The menu’s major highlight is the French fries, made with potatoes locally sourced directly from a farm in New England.

The potatoes are thoroughly washed, peeled, and chopped onsite daily. The potatoes are gluten-free and served with different condiments like salts, ketchup, and more.

Address; 12 Old Orchard St., Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

15. West Grand Market

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (13)

A convenient fun store in Old Orchard Beach, West Grand Market, is where you can easily breeze in for quicker shopping.

West Grand Market offers you several kinds of food, beach items, groceries, kitchen tools, and many more.

The store is a great choice whenever you want to purchase some items; however, there are supermarkets around for some intensive food shopping.

They don’t only offer the best products, but they offer them for pocket-friendly prices you can’t get anywhere else.

Address: 75 W Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

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16. Joseph’s by the Sea

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (14)

For those planning a family dinner or romantic date, visiting Joseph’s by the Sea is one top thing to do in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Joseph’s by the Sea, rated as one of the best restaurants in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, aims to provide the visitors with an amazing dining moment.

The Dussault family has operated the restaurant for more than fifty years, and has become part of the beautiful memories of locals and visitors in the region.

The restaurant is owned by Scott and Barbara McCrum, who relocated to the town from Aroostook County and has lived here for about twenty years.

The McCrums owned numerous businesses before purchasing the restaurant and have added new modifications to the restaurant.

The outdoor dining area has been increased with a cozy seaside patio that overlooks the enormous sea and Beach.

Joseph’s by the Sea is focused on serving the customers with only fresh seafood sourced straight from local anglers & Lobstermen from the Maine Coast.

Address: 55 W Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

17. GFB Scottish Pub

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (15)

GFB Scottish Pub is a favorite place for nightlife lovers in the town, where they get to spend the whole night popping up tasty beers.

This brewing company offers delicious beers you can enjoy with your friends and family as you share great memories.

The brewery is highly recommended as a trusted brand that always comes through for their visitors, ensuring they receive nothing but the best.

GFB Scottish Pub offers sixteen domestic and craft beers on tap, including bottled drinks. In contrast, the full-time bar offers top-quality spirits.

The Pub also serves meals like Scottish eggs, homemade burgers, hot dogs, and more every day till 1 am.

Address: 32 Old Orchard Street, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

18. Cottage Decor

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (16)

Suppose you want to shop for beautiful decor items, visit Cottage Decor.

Cottage Decor is committed to providing patrons with the most beautiful and highest quality items for affordable prices that will blow your mind.

You can shop for linens, lamps, vintage-painted furniture, pottery, accent pillows, tide clock, NOAA charts, and candles.

The store has served the people of Old Orchard Beach for over fifteen years through searching, repairing, and offering unique cottage furnishings.

Address: 57 Saco Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

19. Pirates Cove

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (17)

If you’re bored with no item on your schedule, playing golf at Pirates Cove is a perfect addition to your list of fun things to do in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Pirates Cove is an 18-hole mini golf course that draws residents and visitors from different parts of the State to the town.

This excellent golf course features an ideal spot with a fascinating landscape and setting for everyone, both young and old.

The golf course is adequately maintained, featuring well-manicured green lawns, beautiful waterfalls, and footbridges that serve as barriers.

Pirates Cove-themed golf course is a great place to spend time with your loved ones. Make sure you check out the black beard course, in which every hole is inscribed with facts about Blackbeard.

You don’t have to worry if you’re an amateur, intermediate or advanced golf player because this golf course is for everyone. It offers both beginners and experts the level of challenges and excitement desired.

Address: 70 1st St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064-2662, United States

20. Ne’re Beach Family Campground

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (18)

There is no better way to have a fantastic vacation than going on a camping trip with loved ones; therefore, visit to Ne’re Beach Family Campground.

Ne’re Beach Family Campground is one of the most visited campgrounds in the town due to the beauty and serenity of the place.

There are many activities to do here, including having a private bonfire with friends and family, telling stories, chatting, and more.

This place allows you to spend intimate moments with your family and friends without distractions or noise.

Ne’re Beach Family Campground is located close to the Beach, so you all can also visit the Beach and have a blast.

Address: 38 Saco Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

21. Beachology

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (19)

Beachology is a lovely store in the town of Old Orchard Beach, established in 2009, and offers different kinds of goods.

The shop is arranged according to each section, so you don’t have to spend so much time searching for a particular item.

You will find an extensive collection of nautical items, Maine home decor, art, accessories, jewelry, gifts, footwear, and more.

Beachology owners and staff are friendly, helpful, and known for offering the most outstanding customer service.

Address: 38 Old Orchard St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

22. Beach Lobster & Farmstand

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (20)

Are you a lover of lobsters? And you’re seeking a place to get the freshest lobsters in Old Orchard Beach; you just found it.

Beach Lobster & Farmstand is an excellent place to shop for everything fresh and high-quality locally sourced.

They offer the best lobsters, which can be steamed for free at your request, including freshly canned goods.

You can shop for the freshest jarred veggies, chowder, jellies, jams, baskets of flowers, and handmade birdhouses.

Address: 35 Saco Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064-2242, United States

23. Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach (Maine) (21)

Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church is a beautiful church with a rich history in Orchard Beach. This Church has existed for over one hundred years and has consistently held programs and Sunday services.

The Church played a vital role in developing the community into the popular coastal vacation town it is today.

It is a Church that opens to tourists, and residents, regardless of their race or beliefs; everybody is welcomed correctly and treated as family, not strangers.

Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church holds Worship services every Sunday at 9:00 am.

Address: 6 Fountain Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Old Orchard Beach

This destination offers the ideal vacation experience, from relaxation & rejuvenation to parties & entertainment, games, food, and lots more.

Whatever you need, Old Orchard Beach has multiple options for you, so brace up and get ready to have great fun when you visit.

Start planning your trip today.


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